Snow Days Tree Decorating Kit

$462.50 $449.50

Get the Magnolias tree look at home with our easy-to-use bundles! This kit gives you everything you need to create the 'Snow Days' look.

This bundle is designed to decorate a 7.5' tree 2/3 the way around OR a 9' tree halfway. If you would like to fully decorate your tree 360°, purchase 2 of these kits. 

You can add to this base kit and make it your own by shopping this collection here.

  • 5 Large Bows (3 Styles Of Ribbon In Each)

  • 3 Large Stem Bundles

  •  -4 Stem Styles

  • 3 Small Stem Bundles

  •  - 4 Stem Styles

  • 1 Topper Bundle - 2 Stem Styles

  • 14 Assorted Ornaments

  •  - 9 Styles

Watch the decorating tutorial here!

Shown on a 7.5' tree sold separately. *Minor stem swaps may happen at the discretion of the staff if a stem or ornament becomes unavailable. It will always look just as beautiful!