Boom Boom Luminary

This 4th of July Luminary Lanterns set the mood in any space with the addition of water and water-activated, floating LED candles. These durable, plastic luminaries feature classic designs, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Originally invented in China, fireworks had their beginning when in 800 AD, an alchemist, searching for the key to eternal life, mixed sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate together and discovered the explosive powder. Packed into bamboo or paper tubes, fireworks were initially thrown onto a fire to scare evil spirits or for noisy celebrations. In the US, the first display occurred on July 4, 1777, celebrating the first anniversary of American Independence and featured only one color, orange. It wasn’t until the 1830s that Italian inventors added metals to the powder, and the spectacular multi-hued fireworks we now enjoy were born. Weight: 4.6oz. Size:6" X 6.5" Materials: BPA free plastic Included: 4 luminaries, 4 LED candles with batteries