Serenity Cuff Bracelet

You Are Strong
Be Everything
Because You Believed
Be The Light
You Are Beautiful
Believe Anything
  • Bracelets Read:
    • Because you believed, it has happened.
    • Be the light, shine. Believe in miracles.
    • You are strong and courageous.
    • Believe anything is possible Dream big.
    • You are beautiful, amazing, extraordinary.
    • Be everything you want to be. Dream big.
    • Wearable Length: 7.5”
    • Strand 1: A mix of clear and opaque gray crystal glass beads with silver bead accents.
    • Strand 2&3: Small opaque gray beads with natural jasper beads accented with silver beads and trims and rhinestones.
    • Strand 4: Lambskin Leather with foil stamped Bible Verses.
    • Closure: Magnetic Clasp